Archive for August, 2008

moonfire9024 asked: If mobile phone work at frequency of 835 megahertz, what is the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation that emits?

Me asked: What 's the difference between iphone touches and an iPod? What favorite and why? As currently cost?

Scarlet Rose asked: My boyfriend is thinking of applying for job as member of sales for the United States phones. Make time salary plus commission or just an hourly salary / just commission? How much money can you make as sales associate for cellular company? Any help would be appreciated.

lulucrazyforboo asked: I have three phones and I want to cancell the contract? As ago has cost. I 'the VE have always heard that most companies charge $ 175.00, but the United States are different phone?

girl from oz asked: What is the best value for the manufacture of & receiving international calls from mobile phone for someone from visiting the United States? Where you get them? The phone is Nokia.

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