Archive for July, 2008

simple_n_super asked: we are obtaining the messges different while provavamo to denominate switched off the mobile phone and the "" out of hand; one. the network of mobile phone notes exactly what the difference?

allie asked: the 'the VE examining the Sony Ericsson w580i, but esaminante few revisions there seems to be problem with the keyboard

hellraisersteve asked: What mobile phone welcome, whatever the cost, the affair today? Remebering most ppl now wants camera, video, an MP3 player and 3d access to their phone.

poptarts24 asked: I have Moto Razr and the keyboard was sbiadicentesi impeller and really ugly. Someone told me that person with high acidity has usually keyboards sbiadette mobile phone. They are quite uncertain, but I checked with Motorola and it appears that the keyboard is covered with razr alloy chemistry. This has meant at all?

meeeee asked: interested to buy it

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