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Kate B asked: My father is in his seventies in advance with the problems of hearing and in his current mobile doesn 't it appropriate. He can 't hear the ringtone and even when CAN and answered the phone, can rarely hear the person on the other end. I want pay as you go phone […]

Bigosi asked: Recently man alleged was completely struck by lightning while using mobile phone. It's just coincidence or scientific fact? Around here (to the west of L. Victoria – Tanzania) people hour shut their mobiles wherever storm threatens!

bcschmerker asked: I recently had some experience of some new electronics, for example, Nokia 2865th PCS (MetroPCS and other providers of phone service using this device on their respective networks), which currently is not listed on Y! The purchase and would like to write review of these devices. How one does this in the absence […]

Kikibaby. asked: Im going to get cellphone from verizon because on the only supplier of mobile phone around here that REALLY get the service everywhere. I want to get unlimited texting and then redigo the month or whatever. I have to just know what the bill will cost monthly. Help please:] Thank you.

cassie asked: Hello, I must submit document speaking to mobile phone and I was wondering in case it 's possible. The 'savings tried the VE as different types of file but phones that' s who receives it says' file format not supported '. Any ideas anyone?

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