Archive for June, 2008

treetop84 asked: Or sell them only over the Internet?

Patricia M asked: I found Sony-Ericsson K850i, W950i, P1i. And LG VU. Please aiutilo and find phone that is touch screen or at least very stylish and polished. in case you could find phone called Sony Ericsson k850i that is not false and unlocked. that would be useful to real or Sony Ericsson p1i that […]

Asked by Russell C: Trying to flash my CID49 K750i upto the W800 to get the better mp3 player, and flightmode.

SoccerPro asked: They must be compatible and mp3 below 100 U.S. dollars all suggestions? Ebay doesn 't. counting

mxmomandsons asked: the 'M. looking for good phone ringtone with strong and good camera. I have Verizon Wireless as my service but I can 't find phone with the top ring or the ability of strong speakerphone. HELP

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