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Asked by videoboarding: The Phone Supports All The previous versions of the games, it will play all the same kinds of formats that the other Sony Ericsson phones will play, even the games for the k750, w800, w850, k200, and all the others, or at least so far it has.

aiwaxus asked: Why is it that when we buy ceelphone in the United States, we do not get unlocks? Why do phones must sit attached to carrier specific? What concerns the sense that trade is made in the United States? We can call our carrier to give us the codes of openness, but usually make […]

taelorcorey00 asked: I 'heard the VE much to speak of phones and switching its firmware provider' s al manufacturer 'S.I' the m. going to get Th new Sony Ericsson w580 with Rogers and I would like to get this out first calculated that did the deal. What exactly is unlocking? It means that unlocks all […]

Asked by boink: Any recommendations on good cheap phone?

emmalufwa asked: It can be connected to computer It can be called '' E BOX ''

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