Archive for April, 2008

photoman9988 asked: The phone will work with the network of Sprint?

jeanie asked: I (2) mobile phones that would like to keep.both are reasonably new.i not had services nor the one nor the other phones because november.i would like to do one or both the unlocked.can anyone tell me how this job as long as to sign – up with new service it suject to […]

theothermofo asked: I have to know that phones of the major elements of the cell are compatiable with T-Mobile. I know that some will work without being released. I know which one. I put my sim in wireless phone in Cincinnati Bell (who was razor) and has worked very well. Of the other phones work […]

jayboy3536 asked: I was looking comprante above phones released TRiband of CECT P168 and need to know in case any good dall'utenti future? I know not on the iphone apple but it's different model of iphone! THANKS

Shay ( asked: Im looking for place trustable good place to buy new phone no respectable Im not going to ebay. Any suggestions

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