Nokia E71-1 vs E71-2

The Nokia E71 is the QWERTY-size keyboard.

It is a direct successor to the model E61 and E61i-models. E71 is the subject of much elegance, smaller and thinner, better-featured, and in every way better – except that the evidence is minimized. E61 (i) the Act was 2.8-inch display, the E71’s screen size of only 2.36 inches.

E71 is designed in particular, like other E-series, business, but the phone is also suitable for just an ordinary human use. Weighting the phone’s features, however, more useful properties than, for example, viewing a video or a camera. E71’s price is currently around 450-500 euros.

We are not a list of E71’s capabilities in its detail, because the Nokia E71’s technical information can be found on Phone Comparison section

Nokia E71 Strengths and weaknesses in brief

+ The sleek appearance and quality of feeling
+ Small size
+ Good battery life
Reforms + software (facilities, a calendar, address book)
+ / – Keyboard: small, but otherwise excellent
–  interface standard themes

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