Nokia 5530 Review

The Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is the little brother of the successful Nokia 5800. The 5530 is an affordable touchscreen phone like the 5800 has different music and video capabilities. Apart from good media player, this mobile also has mobile Internet through GPRS or Wi-Fi. With the 3.2 megapixel camera of the Nokia 5530 makes you also always and everywhere nice photos or videos.

At first sight, the stainless steel casing jumps in the eye. Inside are the 2.9 inch widescreen touchscreen with resolution of 360 x 640 pixels 16 million color display.

Video review

As music phone, the 5530 Xpress Music naturally equipped with several gadgets that listening to pleasant music. The unit comes standard with 4 gigabyte MicroSD memory card, which is sufficient for about 1,000 MP3 music files. The phone is equipped with stereo speakertjes with surround sound, an effect which ensures that the sound spatial sounds. The 1000 mAh battery allows 27 hours continuous music can be heard on battery charge.

Nokia 5530 Review

Mobile internet is of course possibility to device like the Nokia 5530. This has unfortunately not 3G GSM support as in 5800. However, this Nokia GPRS support on which you have reasonable speed can surf the Web or your e-mail check. Also, the Nokia 5530 equipped with WiFi, so you can connect to wireless networks within range.
For the rest, we know little. Instead, nothing. According to what reported by the website “Daily Mobile”, the news of the debut of the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic coming from absolutely reliable sources, but first you have the official one we do not want to commit itself. There remains, therefore, wait patiently in the events and find out in case this phone will truly interesting light or not.
Nokia 5530 price is currently about $290 dollars in the US market


Nokia 5530 Specs

  • Weight 107 grams
  • Standby Time 351 hours
  • Talk time 294 minutes
  • Frequency 850/900/1800/1900
  • Simlock Friday yes
  • FM Radio Yes
  • MP3 Player Yes
  • No infrared
  • Modem Yes
  • GPRS Yes
  • JAVA yes
  • MMS yes
  • Bluetooth Yes
  • UMTS yes
  • E-mail yes
  • Internet yes
  • Color yes 16777216 colors
  • Expandable MicroSD memory so
  • Yes 3.2 Megapixel Camera with flash
  • Cinematographic yes
  • Dimensions 104 x 49 x 13

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  1. hi sid27, is it really possible to add 3g & gps in 5530? also, is 3g actually required to enhance browsing speed when using wifi? pls tell……..

  2. Hi guys,

    Help me… While browsing or downloading nobody connect me… It says may phone is switched off…
    How could I overcome this problem (Nokia 5530)

  3. man dis phone just sucks , every tym u switch off d fone the tym is changed automatically and u have to reset tym again and again.also poor battery lyf .wi fi is good but connects automatically and dis consumes lot of such problem of switch off during the call.but the screen is just osem good clarity . music quality is also 5230 is a better option

  4. Hi i can’t update my phone..Phone Not Update.Update Package Not Compatible with the phone.Contact Your Service provider…please help me thenx!!

  5. my 5530 has good firmware but i think the camera has too much green tint and dark exposure the video i think 20 to 25fps, bc of this i dont use orig camera setting, have to edit white balance n use florescent everytime i use the camera, it pissese me off, where is nokia quality control?

  6. Hey friends just wanted to know has anubody who has this phone encountered the “Random Restarting problem” like thee Nokia 5230 had ??

  7. 5530 is better than 5800 even if u surfing the net.b’coz i expirience.i like dis compare to 5800,for me 3G is not the big deal

  8. this phone has a problem about battery management…it will automatically be low batt after 24 hours without even using the phone… i don’t recommend my friends to by this phone…

  9. I hav bought Nokia 5233 2 days ago. It works fine except one thing till now:

    I am facing a problem that When i connenct my headset it displays “SPEAK NOW”.. Moreover, the noises are heard during that time in the earphone.The music don’t run when headset is connected. How to solve this problem? Plz help

  10. cool phone!!!! that phone turn off while receiving a call is not actually a problem it has a proximity sensor and so is for the better!!!

  11. update your fone…i haven’t experience any of the major problems that involves calling and applications…probably the fone crashes due to lack of memory…always check the built-in task manager and see any background applications running..:)

  12. Well Guys……..i have Nokia 5530 bought recently and find it very goood enough all features are good ……..but sometime problems with wifi……tnx

  13. Nokia 5530 is a HORRIBLE PHONE. I advise you get the LG alternative. I bought this phone in June off of and the first month, i was inlove wit the phone but after that, I have had problems after problems that drive me insane. I like to text a lot, and sometimes the phone keeps failing to send the text, the turning control sometimes doesnt work so I cant get to the QWERTY keyboard. The freezes at times. The biggest problem is when I put in earphones and then take it out, it does not recognise that I took it out so then the speakers dont work so I would have to turn it off then back on for the speakers to work and plus the battery is weak!.

  14. Hi i have this phone for 15 months now since jan 2010, and this phone is awesome, some of you guys may want to update the firmware,

  15. are all d questi0ns here answrd?cuz im also hvng trouble d0wnl0ading any downloadable files on my 5330 phone.i d0nt kn0w the reas0n.ystrday the f0ne is n0rmal but n0w it w0nt d0wnload..

  16. I do love the way you have presented this issue plus it really does provide me personally a lot of fodder for thought. On the other hand, coming from what I have witnessed, I just simply wish as other commentary pile on that people continue to be on point and not embark upon a tirade of some other news du jour. Still, thank you for this excellent point and even though I can not concur with this in totality, I regard your standpoint.

  17. Malfunction on Nokia 5530 Express Music screen – Screen completely gone blank / black suddenly (not working completely). Can you please tell me how to fix it. I even couldn’t connect the handset to my computer due to the screen gone black / blank (freezing). When I try to turn the handset on, there is a sign of vibrating but the screen still didn’t turn on. For this reason, I could not use my handset.

    Your help is highly appreciated.

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