v1mysterio asked:

How divide the songs on a mobile phone from the USA and Verizon?

Some more info about it:

Bluetooth, Verizon, and Vista – neither browse the files on the phone nor transfer images from the phone to the laptop. Has anybody else tried to transfer files or pics from a Verizon cell phone to a Vista machine via Bluetooth? Thanks. …

Verizon – Bluetooth shuts off ? – Running DCD 3.2.5 with Radio 3.42.40, bluetooth seems to shutoff during discovery and I can’t get it to pair with my laptop so I could teather via bluetooth, any ideas ?

Bluetooth, Verizon, and Vista – Bluetooth, Verizon, and Vista I seldom use the camera on my LG VX8350, but when I do my practice has been to download the pics to my Windows XP laptop via a Bluetooth connection. The other day I tried doing that for the first time with …

Verizon G’zOne Boulder C711 Cellphone – It’s rugged design, it’s resistancy to dust, shock and water and it’s electronic compass truly makes the Verizon C711 Boulder cell phone truly unique. It also comes with speakerphone, bluetooth, a 1.3 Megapixel Camera/Camcorder with …

Verizon Bluetooth Sync? – Did verizon lock out bluetooth profiles for syncing? What do I need in order to sync wirelessly?

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