Here is an overview of some of the main predictions and rumors about iPhone 5.I want to make it clear that these are still rumors and shouln’t be taken as facts. There haven’t been anything confirmed about iPhone 5 from Apple yet iPhone 5 Processor There is a rumor that iPhone 5 will use A5 […]

This new version of the mobile operating system focuses on tablet devices and offers expanded support for cameras and improved navigation features. This means that the a new version is totally different from the previous ones, especially in terms of graphics. In fact, the Honeycomb changes the interface completely, even the logo. It is a […]

moonfire9024 asked: If a mobile phone work at a frequency of 835 megahertz, what is the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation that emits?

mr_otingocni asked: Just as the application says: What is the fastest freeze something (organic) without damaging the cell structure? And how fast is it? And disgelarlo leave everything intact and undamaged.


BARROWMAN asked: If you think you are denying a right somehow fulfilled provide details. Giustifichi alternately using a mobile phone when they conduct a car. They should devices mandatory measure to cars to make it impossible to use mobile phones by jammimg transmission and reception of microwave? Could sorprenderla much evidence that there are continuing […]

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