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How do you install a sim card in a cell phone? Hello, I ‘m a type of anti-technology person and I ‘m that question as andrei about installing a sim card in a cell. You have to disassemble the phone or look inside the phone somewhere? Thank you, Abe

Asked by natiplaya93: My w800 never fully charges and when i take it off the charger it goes at 100% then when i use it the battery just drains and after about 1-2 hours of use it will die any ways to fix this? or just get a new battery

My friend owns a Samsung phone, so he’s the father s that I get a good samsung phone for my birthday! They don’t even have to pay for the minutes! Related Posts Similar Posts on Samsung Phone The new hotness – the Samsung F480 Hugo Boss hits the catwalk … Samsung BlackJack II AT&T Phones […]

A reverse cell phone search lets you instantly find out who owns any phone number. You can find out someone’s full name, address, locations details and other background information by having nothing else but their phone number.

ethweg asked: Now that AT & T will pay them to use another cellular network, which careers will be an option for the iphone? I think the answer is no because of technology, but it works with Verizon? Finally, I pray no comments on whether you like the iPhone or not. Please reply to question […]

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