The BlackBerry Storm, or the BlackBerry Thunder (there was speculation that the unit would go in case called), is one of the most advanced smart phones at the moment. The GSM handset is very practical and is equipped with many new features. 3G mobile Internet support and an advanced touch screen are only few examples.

BlackBerry Storm, the name

There has long been speculation about the name of the new BlackBerry. Names that came over were BlackBerry Storm, Thunder BlackBerry, BlackBerry 9530 and BlackBerry Thunder Storm in 9530.

Insofar as is known now is the device in Europe and USA is officially called the BlackBerry Storm. The name BlackBerry Thunder is likely to be used only in Canada. The ‘Storm’ also has specific model name and that is the ‘BlackBerry 9530’, but in case they talk about the BlackBerry 9530 or Thunder has meant the BlackBerry Storm.

BlackBerry Storm functionality

The producer, RIM (Research In Motion), the BlackBerry Storm standard equipped with an 8GB SanDisk microSD card.

The Blackberry Storm is sold exclusively in Europe via Vodafone.