The current hot product on the cell phone market is the brand new Nokia 5530 – The third ‘”Touch” phone by Nokia.

As you may already know, 5530 is bit cheaper than 5800.

But what are the differences except the price?

The Nokia confirmed it has 5530 no UMTS / HSDPA.
If you want to surf the mobile is of course clear downside.
Similarly, no GPS on board.
When 5530 is “only” 4GB card in, the 5800 had 8GB of memory.
And has the display from the 5530 “only” 2.9 “compared to the 3.2” from the 5800th.

Otherwise, thanks to symbian on the functions and capabilities produces pretty much the same …..
So in case you don’t mind having  GPS or UMTS, then I would still buy Nokia 5530 –  it is  smaller  and more stylish.

I personally use lot of UMTS (Internet) and I regularly use GPS.
So I am completely satisfied with my 5800.
Would certainly be nice in case that were slim and stylish as the 5530, but when I decided to do without GPS and UMTS must, then I would rather stay in 5800.

Here is comparison of Nokia 5530 and its older brother called Nokia 5800 and their main features.

Nokia 5530 main features

Nokia-5530The 5530 looks striking with its ‘stainless steel’ cover. It offers generous 2.9 inch screen in 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio (360×640 pixels) and 3.2 megapixel camera. The device lacks support for UMTS / HSDPA and you do not have high speed internet will reach, unless you use the WiFi facility which fortunately still has. The solid battery (1000 mAh) ensures that your 27 hours for continuous music listening. By default you will receive 4GB memory card, which accommodate more than 1000 unique mobile numbers.

Nokia 5530 full review

Nokia 5800 main features

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was the first touchscreen smartphone built by Nokia.

Nokia 5800

and according to specifications, seems able to stand comparison with the iPhone 3G.

This is quadband GSM and UMTS with HSDPA, 3.2-inch touchscreen with 640×360 pixel resolution and 16 million colors, for use with the included stylus, 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and Carl Zeiss optics, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, integrated GPS, 140 MB of internal memory expandable and TV output.

Nokia 5800 full review

  1. 5530 vs 5800 Image Quality Comparison Video

If there are any other differences you would like to point out please let others know in the comments below!